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Large Propel Grants Application Instructions

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Each proposal should be uploaded as a single PDF via the application form and is limited to 7 pages as outlined below.

Colleagues from different academic disciplines will review your application. It is highly recommended to write your application in a way that is easily understood by a wide academic audience. Provide sufficient detail for peer reviewers to assess feasibility.

Font size must be 11 pt or larger with 1-inch margins on all sides.

  1. Research idea for the external proposal (up to two pages, including any figures, excluding references)
    • Define the significance of the proposed research project for external funding, the need you aim to address, or the problem you anticipate your research will help solve.
    • Specify how the external proposal goes “beyond the usual” in scale for your discipline and routine work.
  2. Propel Grant activities (up to two pages, including any figures).
    • Provide the context of the current stage of the research project or any preparations made.
    • Describe the activities the Propel Grant funds will support, along with the timeline, milestones, and intended outcomes.
    • Explain how the proposed activities will enhance the competitiveness of the proposal to an external funding agency.
  3. Team composition (up to one page).
    • List the members’ names, titles, and departments (or institutions if external to Stanford), indicating which are confirmed or proposed.
    • Describe the collaboration status and readiness level, emphasizing any prior work in preparation for the external proposal.
    • If applicable, describe aspects of diversity within the team.
  4. External funding plan (up to one page). Describe the plan to apply for external funding within the next 12 months, identifying at least one potential external grant. Proposing an alternative funding opportunity or backup plan is encouraged.
    • Include the following details on the targeted external grant(s).
      • External sponsor name.
      • Program name or identifier.
      • External sponsor deadline.
      • The expected budget request for the targeted external opportunity.
      • URL to the funding solicitation if available.
    • Explain why the targeted external grant award amount warrants the Propel Grant.
  5. Budget* and justification (up to one page).
    • Include a detailed table or breakdown of estimated expenses of the Propel activities.
    • Provide a rationale for the requested funds, indicating any existing support and addressing potential overlaps.
    • For budgets exceeding $50,000, include a narrative demonstrating the additional need that aligns with the project's scale and complexity.

*Proposed budgets do not need institutional representative review for this internally funded program; however, we encourage applicants to work with their department administrator/financial analyst on budget development.