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Small Propel Grants Application Instructions

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Applications are accepted through the Stanford Seed Funding website. The application must be written in clear, concise language accessible to a non-specialist audience.

  1. Research idea (maximum 300 words). Introduce the overarching research idea to be funded by an external award. This should be a high-level overview of the project with an explanation of how this is “beyond the usual” for your discipline in scope, team and award size.
  2. Team composition. List the key team members and partner institutions (if applicable) with name, title, institution, and department or division, specifying which are confirmed and which are proposed. Include a paragraph describing the partnership and, if applicable, diversity within the team. We especially encourage applications from those who are underrepresented in their field.
  3. External funding plan (maximum 200 words). Describe the plan to pursue external funding. A minimum of one potential external grant must be identified. Include the following details on the targeted external grant(s). Proposing an alternative or back-up funding plan is encouraged.
    • sponsor name
    • program name
    • submission date
    • expected budget request to Stanford, and
    • URL to the funding solicitation if available
  4. Proposed activities (maximum 200 words). Specify the anticipated use of the funds or the activities the funds will enable, and how this will enhance the competitiveness of your external application. 

Applications accepted on a rolling basis