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Large Propel Grants

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The Propel Grants aim to support collaborative research efforts in their pursuit of external funding and maximize competitiveness of external funding applications.

$50,000 Grant Supported Activities

Funding from the Large Propel Grants is intended to help Stanford researchers position themselves well for larger, externally sponsored research funding. Activities should focus on establishing feasibility or generating additional preliminary data, as needed for the externally funded sponsored research application. Activities should be specific and well-defined. Examples include, but are not limited to, specific research experiments, establishing access to archives, consultations with experts on evaluation or data management, and/or other elements to enhance chances of funding success.

Anticipated Awards

RDO anticipates awarding up to ten Large Propel grants per year (four to five per cycle), with awards of $50,000 per team.  Awards up to $100,000 and/or 24 months may be considered based on demonstrated need. Information on award cycles can be found in the Guidelines.

Large Propel Grants are not intended to fund nascent projects that are still defining the research question or forming the initial team; such proposers are encouraged to apply to other programs that may be better suited to serve such needs.