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Large Propel Grants Review Process and Criteria

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Applications are initially screened for compliance and program alignment by RDO staff, then competitively reviewed by at least two faculty reviewers for suitability of the proposed plan and likely impact on future external funding. The application will be reviewed by colleagues outside of your discipline. We therefore strongly advise the application be written in language that faculty outside of your discipline can easily understand.

Reviewers should be confident that your team will be better positioned to apply for external grants upon completion of the proposed Propel Grant activities.

The application will be reviewed for the following criteria:

  • Significance: Will the research idea be compelling to the external sponsor(s)? Is the research idea “beyond the usual”?
  • Feasibility: Does the Propel application convey a well-reasoned research/activity design with specific outcomes? Can the Propel Grant activities be successfully implemented within the proposed timeline and budget?
  • Proposed activities: Are the proposed activities likely to enhance the competitiveness of a proposal to an external funding agency and increase the likelihood of success?
  • Potential for external funding: Is the plan to pursue external funding appropriate? Does the team have a strong chance of submitting a well-aligned proposal to an external funding agency?
  • Appropriate Budget: Does the budget reflect activities that will address the stated needs? Is the amount requested appropriate and necessary?
  • Team Composition and Collaboration: Does the application demonstrate a confirmed collaboration and a cohesive team with sufficient expertise to carry out the research?